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(Заходить через Tor Browser)

It is difficult to overestimate the difficulties faced by those who want to purchase not entirely legal psychoactive substances: here the police, there are also police officers, here they throw the whole thing, here they don’t report, these ones supply low-quality goods, and those have a habit of throwing cheap counterfeit salts instead of marijuana. This happens both offline and online MEGA сайт. And we declare this fight.

Buying drug-containing “packages” on the Internet is the best and developing way at the moment. First, it’s easier to remain anonymous. Secondly, it is more convenient to choose. Third, you have more freedom in terms of how you pay. Fourth, if something goes wrong, technical support is always in touch!


Of course, it is impossible to remain absolutely anonymous on the Internet, but creating complex but memorable passwords, refusing to click on dubious links and a complete mismatch of your identity in reality and on the Internet is a guarantee of your security.

If every salesperson could be trusted, we wouldn’t be born. Deception, threats, fraud and the banal theft of time and nerves – this is not all that some drug dealers sin. That’s why we showed up. We systematize the sellers so that the sellers make a profit, and you are neither thrown, nor deceived, nor upset by the low quality of the product. The ссылка МЕГА даркнет is a guarantee of a quality attack!

Отзывы о маркетплейсе МЕГА

Naturally, such a zeal to please everyone did not go unnoticed by enemy coalitions. The police want to beat sticks on us, the mafia just wants to take out competitors, and other marketplaces are offended that because of us they are in the shadows. Therefore, we are constantly under DDoS attacks and other atrocities. How to be? We are perfectly protected, but even our last word of technology may sometimes not work – in this regard, we have prepared dozens and hundreds of alternative links – “mirrors”.

FAQ, or what questions are asked most often:

  1. Why is the MEGA даркнет marketplace offline right now?
  2. What shadow mirrors МЕГА ссылка currently exist and which ones should be avoided?
  3. What is the difference between an original address and a fake one?
  4. Which площадка MEGA darknet link is working at the moment?
  5. Is it possible to log in with Tor browser? And if so, how?
  6. Can you explain what the MEGA darknet marketplace is?
  7. How can I make a purchase?

If the roads in St. Petersburg were as clean as our addresses, then we would be in a fantasy world. No deception or scam, сайт MEGA MARKET only look forward to long-term and trusting cooperation with you.

Официальный сайт MEGA market

Unlike the EU countries, the сайт MEGA darknet trading platform does not welcome weekends, lunch breaks and other reductions in the working day. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can be treated in so many ways: both with a bank card (VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank), and with the help of a mobile phone balance (MTS, Megafon, Tele2 or Beeline). Qiwi, cryptocurrencies, yumani and other wallets are also an option!

From time to time, the main address of the ссылка MEGA darknet marketplace can be completely unreachable. This is bad news, but there is also good news: we were ready for this. You just have to enjoy how quickly and reliably our “mirrors” work. DDoS attacks are not a hindrance to us! Not a single bump will be left untouched!

In the event of situations where what you were looking for could not be found or what you were looking for turned out to be insufficiently solid and serious, you have every right to disturb technical support. Put everything you know about the situation on the table. It is important to understand that just writing “they didn’t put me right” or “I don’t have it” is not enough. It is necessary to provide in general everything that you know and what you can guess. Each byte of information affects how quickly and decisively we return a sense of justice to you, and a sense of reality to the seller.

Площадка MEGA даркнет mirror

The best way to use the “interesting” pages of the Internet is to access them using Tor Browser, a free browser with increased reliability and fault tolerance. Developers around the clock improve its work and prevent attackers, policemen and neighbors from finding out what you are doing. And it’s in your best interest to donate to them: every ruble will go to further improve the browser.

The сайт MEGA onion works both on regular domains and on .onion category domains МЕГА ссылки – the latter are almost impossible to hack by selection. Even when using the most powerful supercomputers, a botnet from other computers and everything else that can not only collect dust, it will take tens of months, or even years. As you may have guessed, during this time the relevance of the links will have time to lose a billion times.

The TOR browser has all the necessary features to protect your traffic from interception and hacking, but it does not work too fast. To save not so much time, we recommend that you add our site and our “mirrors” to your bookmarks. So it will be more convenient for you.

Даркнет ссылка MEGA onion

ATTENTION! The most unpleasant consequences are possible from drug use, and lip cancer from snus may seem like a frivolous trifle compared to them. Forewarned is forearmed!

We live in a world of multiple “ifs” and even more “somedays”. And if in Canada and other developed countries they practice mitigation of punishments for the use and possession of certain drugs, then in the former USSR the opposite practice occurs. Therefore, we save you from boredom and the hands of law enforcement officers, providing the best product on the best conditions with the highest security and anonymity.

If suddenly you had a “miss”, “underweight” or some other chance (ordered mephedrone – and a sick amphetamine arrived), then you have a whole dozen hours to alert, and you should write to our technical support agents as many facts as possible in detail about your failed deal: photos are a must and a video set is highly welcome. You will need to weigh the ziplock with substances on an accurate gram scale if the problem is in quantity, not quality. The dispute may be closed in favor of the seller if you do not provide enough information or start to openly misinform or use profanity in your expressions.

Accounts registered too recently, with extremely low and – in particular – zero transactions, usually cannot count on attention from technical support. But if you can prove that you were really dishonest, you will definitely be able to get your money back or the coordinates with a “bookmark” that fully compensates for the problem. Or two, if the hoarder turned out to be you-know-who.

The administration of the площадка МЕГА даркнет traditionally reserves the full right not to provide material compensation and not to help with problems if you flood, spam or otherwise disrupt the atmosphere of communication.

Как зайти на сайт МЕГА даркнет?

Your security (not only when buying drugs and other illegal goods) directly depends on the quality and length of the login and password used. It will be very sad if the login turns out to be similar to your passport name, and your password should be too complex for brute force – that is, long, special characters are held in high esteem, there is the use of both small and large letters. It’s a good idea to use passwords that consist of several different words from many different and unrelated languages ​​(which negates the so-called dictionary search) and a few numbers (this is to further complicate the life of a cracker). Ideally, your password will be 30 characters or more long. Each additional character complicates the task of guessing the password up to two and a half times. Be careful about how you enter text and about cookies. Follow that so that you enter your data only on official sites, and not on phishing links. Switch only to safe and clean ссылка MEGA даркнет mirrors.

Don’t store passwords in plain, insecure files on your desktop or in the My Documents folder. It’s good practice to refuse to use the same login and password combinations on different sites – you want a hacker’s life to be as difficult as possible, right? Using different aliases is also sure to make your persona even more mysterious to thieves and other criminals. Then make sure that there are no coincidences.

How to place an order on the MEGA ссылка?

Technical support and staff of the MEGA сайт are always ready to help with any problem that arises. We have MEGA ссылки for both Tor browser and clearnet. We insist on using only .onion mirrors and the Tor Browser, so your transactions will go through with the maximum level of anonymity and security.

Перейти на MEGA

8 Responses

  1. Я менял пароль и меня заблокировали. Ответа на вопрос “За что?”, я, как пользователь, не получил.
    Если я сидел на оригинальной ссылке, то как мои данные стали известны кому-то? Другие маркеты, утечки паролей – так это мои риски, хочу использую один пароль, хочу – нет. Мой пароль подходит к моему аккаунту, но я вижу блок. ВЫ меня заблокировали, а не фишеры-мошенники.

    Давайте сыграем в простую логическую игру “Кому это выгодно?”

    Нет, ему не выгодно. Он без предупреждений, без очевидных действий с его стороны теряет доступ к аккаунту, перепискам, заказам и, самое главное, к деньгам. 2 авторизация – право, а не обязанность. И вы не хотите ограничивать доступ к покупкам без 2 авторизации.

    Нет, ему не выгодно. Аккаунт он не получил, денег он не получил. Он плюнет и пойдет искать следующую жертву. Возможно, он даже не узнает, что что-то произошло, как у меня. Деньги были-были-были да и остались.
    Ведь остались, уважаемый Радон? На балансе лежат, да?

    Сайт мега
    Да, это пиздец как выгодно!
    Я тут накидал профиты, которые я бы получил будь на вашем месте:

    – совершенно хуй пойми как срабатывающий банхамер, а значит можно вводить скрытые правила хоть каждый день.
    – отсутствие в правилах регламента получения бана за “вы попали на фишинг”, а значит можно забанить любого. Никаких доказательств, ничего. Просто пошел на хуй, потому что “вы попали на фишинг” – мы так видим.
    – неограниченное бабло – нахуя жить на % от сделок и аренды, если можно ебашить аккаунты без понятной пользователю причины, а потом забирать их деньги? Эти деньги тупо лежат на ваших кошельках, а значит являются вашей собственностью. Владеет ими мега.

  2. Че вы ноете из всех площадок эта лучшая, есть позиции во всех городах. Да капча не очень, да иногда лагает, но у вас хотя бы выбор есть не то что в 2011 когда Ramp лежал все прыгали от безысходности, не нравится чеши на другую площадку, не заходит используй VPN и клирнет ссылку там защита от DDOSA. Да, сейчас площадка Мега даркнет под атакой, но это только по выходным. Долго решают по диспуту? Да половина чаек из этого списка просто хотят еще раскумариться, ты лучше иди на место и ищи еще трезвым!

  3. Опишу ситуацию в кратце, в моем городе было 18шт одной фасовки, ни одного отзыва по купленным позициям оставлено не было, хотя их уже раскупили, кроме моего висящего диспута и одного случайно закрытого диспута другим покупателем, странно выглядит, не правда ли? Я полагаю что и остальные 16 покупателей открыли диспуты, но рогатый саппорт магазина напрочь отрицает наличие диспута по остальным заказам, что остается? Правильно, ждать модератора мега даркнет, но и он не спешит прийти и разобраться во всем, что естественно накаляет, сумма мизерная, но все же и она на дороге не валяется…

  4. Саппорт, где ответ по капче?! Вы приняли решение? Как попасть на мега даркнет? Сами пробовали с мобильного зайти на свой же сайт?!

  5. Tell me people, is it possible, when buying through an exchange for a card, to replenish it through qiwi and not through Sber Online? Will it come? And then in the Qiwi application they write that the transfer is from a few seconds to 5 working days, there is simply no way to transfer from the card.

  6. Greetings to all!
    Please tell me, is it really possible to get a job as a bail operator or is it a scam?
    Stores post operator vacancies, why don’t they promote people from the team?
    Thanks in advance for your reply and understanding. Peace for everyone!

    1. It is not necessary to write such a question here, but it is possible to get a job on bail if you have experience.

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